Mulitas or… Mulita Tacos? What Do You Call Them?

I’m an SEO writer and as such sometimes I run into writer’s block. Yesterday, for example, I went to one of Taco Tacuba’s food trucks to have some tacos and clear my head so I could strike up my creativity, and as I was eating, I heard someone order a mulita taco. I was so baffled by what I had just heard that I had to order the same thing to see what he was talking about. I mean, I know what a mulita is and I definitely know what a taco is as well, but I had never heard of a mulita taco. So I placed my order and waited patiently. When my food was ready I realized he served me a regular, and super delicious by the way, mulita. But apparently, it’s known as a mulita taco by some people. Either way, I ate it and enjoyed every single bite, but that got me thinking about how diverse and versatile Mexican food is. There will always be something for everyone to enjoy no matter what each individual calls it. 

Mulitas or… Mulita Tacos

So… What’s a Mulita?

For those of you wondering what a mulita (otherwise known as a mulita taco by at least a few thousand people per SEMRUSH’s search analytics 😂) is, well it´s 2 tortillas with your choice of meat, salsa, pico de gallo, and cheese in the middle. This is the most traditional form to serve it, and it’s exactly how Tacos Tacuba makes it! However, I’ve been doing some research after this wild discovery and there are very creative versions of mulitas. A good example of this is Miguel’s cheesy chorizo mulita, for which I’ll leave a recipe. 

Like most Mexican dishes, mulitas are meant to be made to each person’s liking. When you’re abuela made you something, she made it how she was taught and how she preferred it. But, if you didn’t like too much cheese, she went easy on the cheese. This is a norm in any home that has the blessing of home cooking as a part of their weekly ritual. So, one person’s mulita can be pretty different than another person’s mulita taco.

You can have your tortillas be soft, hard, thick, or thin and you can choose to have lots of cheese or focus more on the meat, and you can even have a vegan mulita! I mean just thinking about how I like mine makes me want to go back to Tacos Tacuba to order one. And to be honest, I’d love to be able to eat a few so I can try it with different meats but I can only manage to finish one. My personal preference is asada, add some salsa and pico de gallo to that and accompany it with a nice cold Coke and I will practically imagine I’m in the streets of Tijuana (from where I am from) eating at a taco stand right after a good night out. They’re that good. 

Mulita tacos


It’s a Taco on Steroids

Now, if you’ve never had a mulita, you can just imagine that you’re eating a super-loaded taco with an extra tortilla. Basically, they are two tacos in one, so I guess mulita taco is a pretty accurate name for it if that’s your thing. I can imagine this is the perfect dish for anyone who is really hungry and is also in a hurry. You get your mulita taco (yes, I will be calling it that from now on) from Tacos Tacuba and a drink to go, and it’s a full meal right there. Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t eat mulitas more often, they’re much more convenient. Also, they’re more rich in flavor because they’re so loaded with meat and all the toppings. Please don’t spam email me with complaints but my personal opinion is that mulitas are superior to regular tacos. There, I said it! 

It’s very funny to me how even though Mexican food is so diverse in flavor, it’s practically always the same thing but in a different presentation. You’ve got your regular tacos, which is a tortilla filled with all kinds of delicious things. Then you’ve got your mulitas, which we’ve covered extensively by now. There are also sopes, which is a fried tortilla topped with practically the same things that you can fill your tacos or mulitas with, and the list goes on. I’d have to write a book on it to be able to cover all the different ways you can serve tortillas in. This is all the result of the rich, home cooking culture found in Mexican restaurants and trucks all over the world. Food will evolve and change until it becomes its own thing. And PSA, you can try all of these at Taco Tacuba, you can check your nearest location here


Whatever You Call It, It’s Amazing Either Way

I realize that having done all of this research on mulitas is kind of crazy, but I like to consider myself a Mexican food connoisseur so I needed to do my studying to be able to unravel this mulita mystery and I’m so glad I did because I will be telling all my friends and family to call them mulita tacos from now on and explaining why I believe it’s a better-suited name for them while having them make fun of me and that I have abandoned my old ways. But, it’s all good. I want to give a shoutout to the young lady who took me down this rabbit hole by ordering her favorite meal with the name she gave it.

Also, I learned that sometimes it’s good to actually read the menu of the places that you eat at regularly because I’ve always ordered the same thing at Tacos Tacuba and never even realized they had a lot of the things that they offer. I’ll leave their menu here for you to check it out. So the next time you’re in a hurry or are just craving some delicious Mexican food, get yourself a ‘mulita taco’ from Taco Tacuba. Trust me, you won’t regret it.