Huarache Taco, Sandle Taco, What is This Madness?

A really quick Google search will let you know that Huarache means sandal, and we all know what a taco is, right? So when I saw that a lot of you are researching “huarache taco” online I had a laugh thinking about how most of you probably thought you were going to find pictures of sandal tacos. And also, this took me right to me when I found out people were also searching for “mulita taco” online, and absolutely had to pour my heart out in a blog about what I thought about that whole situation, so this time I feel it’s my SEO writing duty to write an explanatory blog on what a huarache is. Or huarache taco, whatever floats your boat, I don’t judge. Especially after I had one from Tacos Tacuba after a long time of not eating huaraches and suddenly fell in love with them again.

Huarache Taco

Let’s Go Back In Time

So I can’t explain what a huarache, or huarache taco, is without going back to the roots of how this wonderful explosion of flavor was created. The indigenous Nahuatl people were the first to craft this dish, it was intended to be a hearty dish for humble homes. With a shape reminiscent of the traditional sandals they named them after, huaraches soon gained popularity throughout the country as a filling but flavorful food. Over time, this ingenious dish evolved to incorporate a variety of regional ingredients and creative toppings, resulting in the diverse huaraches we know and love today.


Anatomy of a Huarache Taco

At the core of every huarache lies the foundational element- masa, which is a dough made from nixtamalized corn and shaped into a thick, oblong base that resembles the sole of a huarache sandal. This base serves as an edible plate for a fun and colorful arrangement of toppings like beans, cheese, meats, vegetables, and whatever fiery (or not) salsa your tastebuds can handle. The combination of these delicious ingredients infuses each huarache with distinct flavors and a deliciously chewy texture that will leave your tummy happier than ever.

Huarache Taco


Creating A Masterpiece

Preparing huaraches is easy, just ask the people at Tacos Tacuba, but it requires the perfect blend of tradition, technique, and creativity (and why not? A little fun too). The process begins with shaping the masa into the characteristic huarache shape, although I wonder if that depends on what size shoe you wear, and grilling it until it’s beautifully golden and slightly crispy on the outside, while still having that signature soft interior. 

Next comes the best part, putting all of the toppings on your beautiful sandal, I mean huarache. First, the beans, which are often refried or black, must be spread generously across the masa base, creating a delicious layer. Next up, a meat of your choosing, it can be shredded pork, grilled beef, or chorizo, contributing a hearty and savory flavor to your huarache taco. Top that off with crumbled cheese, typically queso fresco or cotija, that will add a touch of saltiness, while the lettuce, radish, onion, avocado, tomato (or whatever vegetables you like on your huarache) will infuse freshness and crunch. The final flourish comes from the salsas, which can range from mild to fiery, providing the perfect level of heat and depth to the dish. Just what Mexican cuisine is known and loved for.

Huarache Taco


A Bite Straight Off Mexican Culture

In the end, Huarache tacos are more than just a meal, they represent the essence of Mexican culture, history, and culinary innovation. With their distinctive and fun shape, diverse toppings, and irreplaceable flavors, huaraches take you on a culinary journey through Mexico’s gastronomic heritage and geographical diversity. From the vibrant streets of Mexico City to the peaceful corners of Oaxaca, huaraches serve as a flavorful passport to experience the country’s soulful and traditional cuisine.

After all, huaraches remind us that food is not just sustenance but a means of connection, a way to understand and appreciate the stories, traditions, and creativity of the people who lived long before we even existed. So, whether you consider yourself a foodie or you’re just a hungry someone seeking to explore new flavors, huarache tacos are sure to help you savor a slice of Mexico’s cultural tapestry. So I highly recommend going over to Tacos Tacuba and ordering yourself one, because I can assure you I’ve never tasted a better huarache than the one I ate there.