An Authentic Guide On How To Make Birria Tacos

You’ve probably stumbled upon those mesmerizing ASMR videos on YouTube or TikTok featuring mouthwatering birria tacos, burritos, or nachos. But what if you’re craving birria and don’t feel like heading out to buy it? Don’t fret! In this blog, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of making it right at home. So, let’s dive in and learn how to make birria! But before we get cooking, let’s first understand what birria is all about.

how to make birria tacos

What Is Birria?

Birria is a classic Mexican dish originating from Jalisco, featuring tender goat, lamb, or beef cooked slowly until it falls apart in a flavorful red chili broth. Traditionally reserved for special occasions like weddings or parties, birria has gained immense popularity on social media and can now be found everywhere!


birria quesadilla with consomme


This savory stew is typically served with toppings such as cilantro, onions, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Alternatively, it’s enjoyed as queso birria tacos, filled with plenty of melted cheese for a deliciously indulgent treat.

Step 1: How To Make Birria

Birria Ingredients:


  • Dried Chiles: Guajillo, ancho, and arbol chiles.
  • Spices: Garlic, cumin, clove, black peppercorns, bay leaves.
  • Mexican Oregano: Fragrant with citrus notes.
  • Mexican Cinnamon: Also known as Ceylon cinnamon, adds a unique flavor.
  • Beef: Chuck roast for its tenderness and flavor.
  • Broth: Beef broth enriches the consomé.
  • Vinegar: Adds tanginess to the consomé.
  • Tomato, garlic, and onion: Enhance flavor.


Types of Meat:

Birria is typically made with goat or lamb, but beef (birria de res) is popular in the US. Chuck roast, short ribs, beef shanks, or oxtail can be used.


After you have all of your ingredients, and please make sure to have all of them, you can start by making your birrina! First, you’ll have to season and sear the meat. Then soak your chiles, tomatoes, onion, cinnamon stick, bay leaves, and peppercorns in water, then blend with broth, vinegar, and spices. Now, strain the sauce into the pot with seared meat, bring to a boil, then simmer for 3-3 ½ hours until tender. This is where your patience will be put to the test! After the time is done, stick a fork into the meat and it should glide easily through. Take out your meat and shred it and return to the consomé! And there, you have made your first, and hopefully not last, birria!


Now that you know your basics into making birria, let’s learn how to make birria tacos!

Step 2: How To Make Birria Tacos


birria tacos with consomme


Get ready for a flavor fiesta with homemade birria tacos! Start by savoring every drop of that delicious grease leftover from cooking. Then, dip your corn tortillas into that savory goodness and fry them until they’re perfectly crisp. Load them up with juicy birria beef and, if you’re in for a treat, a generous sprinkle of your favorite melting cheese – think Quesadilla cheese or whatever tickles your taste buds! Fold them over and fry until golden and crispy. But wait, it’s not done yet! 


Serve these flavor-packed beauties with a side of consommé, that mouthwatering bone broth loaded with cilantro, onion, and a zing of fresh lime juice. Dive in, dip, or simply sip – the choice is yours! Gather your crew and get ready to indulge in birria taco heaven!


Learning how to make birria tacos couldn’t be anymore easy with this grade A recipe! But if you’re in the mood for birria tacos RIGHT NOW and don’t want to go buy all your ingredients and wait those 3 and a half hours until your meat is done, then head on down to Tacos Tacuba, where we make the OG birria meat!