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Owned and operated by Oscar Zecena and Claudia Reyes Zecena, Tacos Tacuba is all about making 100% original Mexico City food while adding our own signature flavor – think of it as Mexico City meets LA. Open since 2018, Tacos Tacuba offers you a variety of Mexican food cravings, from finger licking tacos to sopes, huge burritos, tasty carne asada fries and much, much more!


The Tacos tacuba Experience

At Tacos Tacuba, we are known for our delicious ‘al pastor’ meat, which is made with the best ingredients! On top of that (literally), all of our salsas have an amazing habanero kick to it, making you want even more agua fresca AND more food! By the way, did we tell you about our guac? Our flavorful guacamole sauce must be added to your tacos – or else it’s not a Tacuba original!

Claudia Reyes Zecena

Tacos Tacuba initiated with the desire to bring Mexico City flavors, and authentic dishes to Los Angeles. Oscar Zecena and Claudia Reyes Zecena dreamed of owning their own food truck business and this is where Tacos Tacuba’s story began. Oscar is a butcher by trade, and he brings his experience with quality meat to every dish. Claudia comes from a family in the food truck business and this foundation inspired her and her husband’s dream of owning their own food truck business. Claudia worked as a manager for her father’s food truck business for over 15 years. But the actual history of Tacos Tacuba (and its name) dates back to the 1980’s, when Claudia’s father, who was born and raised in Guanajuato, moved to Mexico City with his wife in order to have a better life. While traveling back home from work, he would often get hungry and had to stop and grab a bite at a taco stand in the small town of Tacuba, Mexico. Claudia’s father knew to stop by Tacuba, because he was a meat provider to many of the food stands in the area and he knew they had quality meat and food. Then and there is where our story begins.


After graduating and getting her MBA, Claudia knew she wanted to implement what she learned into her own business. Oscar motivated Claudia and with his help and support they decided to open their own food truck in 2017. In August of 2018, they opened their first Tacos Tacuba food truck—hoping and wishing that their delicious Mexico City food, that holds a special place in their hearts, would set them apart. And so they did. Thanks to Claudia’s father and his taco-stand story in the small town of Tacuba, Claudia and Oscar’s “food truck dream” came to life and found its unique name. Now, Tacos Tacuba is literally Mexico City meets LA, serving the best Mexican food ever with a California twist. 

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